Our Mission Statement

To be a high quality, timeless, and stylish lifestyle brand that is a trusted partner in being socially and environmentally conscious.

Our purchases have power and that power can drive real change

Our Mission

We believe we can all make better decisions in protecting our planet, and we here are People N Planet want to provide an easy and effective way to do so. We want you to be confident that we are doing all we can to limit our carbon footprint, reduce our use of plastics, ensure that the people in the supply chain are cared for, and decrease our impact on the planet while trying to improve it.

We want you to rethink what your clothes can do. Before you make a clothing purchase, we want you to question what they are made of, how the people were treated, what will happen to them when I'm done with them, do I really need them...are they truly sustainable and ethical?

We know this can be difficult, especially when certain types of clothes require a certain type of material. Every little bit counts and it is our mission to get us all moving down the path of sustainability one shirt at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an industry leader in sustainability and ethics. We envision ourselves doing so by continually innovating and incorporating new materials, technologies, and practices.