Welcome to Circular Style

Sourcing our clothing responsibly is a crucial step towards sustainability; however, how sustainable are our clothes if they don't degrade, can't be recycled, release microplastics into the environment, and, if incinerated, release toxic fumes into the air when they are discarded? We would argue it's not very sustainable at all.

That is why we consider what happens to our clothes at the end of life and created the Circular Style program. When you are done wearing your clothes, or they are damaged beyond repair, we ask that you send them back to us. With your help, our Circular Style program ensures that unwanted clothes are appropriately handled. Before sending them back to us, we ask that you try various avenues to give them another life, hand them down, community programs, etc. However, if you can't, don't throw them away or donate them to an unknown organization. Send them back to us so that we can close the lifecycle loop.

For your troubles and as a thank you from the planet, we'll issue you a $5 credit for each article of People N Planet clothing you send back.

Try using the original packaging (though you may not have it after so long) or any other recycled or reused packaging you may have lying around. Please wait and send as many as possible. Please contact us at orders@peoplenplanet.com to start the process. And don't worry, as part of our carbon offset program, we'll track and offset the shipment's carbon.