Our Pledge

To you, the people, and the planet

We, here are at People N Planet, believe we can all do much better with our clothing and that our clothing can make real positive changes for the people and the planet. We believe every little bit counts, and we’ll do all we can to continually improve and evolve.

However, we can’t succeed in our mission without your support.   

Together, we can make some real, lasting change, and to that end, we pledge the following:

Highest Material Standards: We will use the highest quality material we can following these standards:

  • Natural fibers should be renewable, sourced sustainably, be environmentally friendly while having as little impact as possible on local water systems, soil, air, biodiversity, and the overall ecosystem.
  • Synthetic or semi-synthetic fibers should have a minimal environmental impact and not rely on finite resources or chemicals in their creation. The natural material used for semi-synthetic fibers shall be sourced from renewable resources with limited impact to existing ecosystems.

Circular Fibers:  All fibers should be compostable, biodegradable (in a reasonable amount of time), recyclable, or otherwise be able to be broken down by other means doing minimal lasting damage to the environment.

Carbon offset:  We will always do our best to understand our carbon output and ensure we offset our footprint in an accountable manner. Further, we will continuously work on decarbonizing our supply chain.

Evolve:  We will continually adapt, research, and adopt better materials, methods, and technologies as they emerge so long as the materials meet the standards noted above.


Highest Care Standards:  We will always support the wonderful people and communities in our supply chain ensuring living wages, safe working conditions, no exposure to toxins, and no forced or child labor.

Thank you!