Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement


To create a high quality, comfortable, and stylish lifestyle brand that is a trusted partner in being socially and environmentally conscious.


Our Mission

We are starting to question where our food comes from, now it’s time to question where our clothing comes from. Our mission is to get people to start to ask similar questions about their clothing. See information on the current state of the textile industry here.

We want to help redefine the textile industry by being the most sustainable, eco-friendly, transparent, and ethical clothing brand on the market. And we want to take that a step further by closing the loop of the clothing lifecycle.


Yes, clothing should be stylish, fit well, and be comfortable but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the people that make them and the planet.


We design clothes with a purpose to protect the environment and support the people that makes them. Our pursuit of creating clothes with the utmost transparency stems from the lack of accountability in the fashion industry. We want to be a stylish and comfortable clothing brand that constantly pursues and implements the highest standards in regenerative sustainability, ethics and transparency.


We don’t believe our desire to be stylish should come at the price of the planet and the people that make the clothing. People n Planet’s hope is that you will join us on our journey.   



Our Vision


Our vision is to have a textile industry that grows and creates materials with a priority on the planet and the people that support it. An industry that is in balance with nature, one that supports local eco-systems, and does not destroy biodiversity.

We fully understand that the industry is not perfect and that even though we are doing the best we can given the current state of the industry and the information we have, we only see things getting better was we have individuals like yourself supporting us.


  • Create a well vetted, fully integrated vertical supply chain
  • Own our own factory that relies on renewable energy
  • Constantly research other materials and methods and use them if they meet our requirements and mission
  • Expand our offerings
  • To always take care of the people in our supply chain as well as taking care of our planet
  • Limit the waste created by clothing. Recycle where we can and compost where we need to
  • Commitment to always learning and evolving (we know a good bit but we don’t know everything). There is a great deal of textile research taking place around the world and if you have a suggestions or materials that you’d like to share with us, please contact us at together@peoplenplanet.com.