Our pledge to you, the people, and the planet

We believe we can all do so much better with our clothing and that our clothing can make, real positive change for the people and the planet. We believe every little bit counts and we’ll do all that we can to continually improve and evolve.

However, we can’t succeed in our mission without your support.   

Together, we can make some real, lasting changes and to that end we pledge the following:

  • Highest Material Standards: We will only use the highest quality materials, the best farming and production processes that have been tested, researched and meet Our Standards
  • Highest Care Standards: We will always support the fantastic people and communities in our supply chain ensuring living wages, safe working conditions and no forced or child labor
  • Offset our carbon output: We will always do our best to understand our carbon output, work on decarbonizing our supply chain, and where we can’t, make sure we offset it in an accountable manner.
  • Evolve: We will continually research and adapt as better materials, methods, and technologies emerge.

As we work on creating an ethical and eco-friendly clothing brand we are truly humbled that you feel as passionately about being stewards of the environment and supporters of the people as we are.

Thank you for your support!