Why choose people n planet

Why choose people n planet?

 At the heart of it all we truly believe we can do better with our clothing and have our clothes do better for the people that make them and this beautiful planet that supports us all.

One of the current challenges it that we are buying more and more clothes and demanding new styles at cheap prices.  To meet this demand the market is being pushed into making cheap, trendy clothes using cheap materials and poorly paid labor. Nothing about this trend is good for the people or the planet.

The current state of the fashion industry is simply unacceptable from sourcing, to making, to end of life.

As a brand we believe in style that’s timeless, not fashion that’s trendy.

Everything we humans do, from growing food, to building houses, to the cars we drive, and yes, to the clothes we wear has a varying impact on the planet, unfortunately most of it negative.

We, here at people n planet know there is no perfect solution to the challenges faced by the clothing industry however we believe there are better ones and that ever little bit that we do counts.

Currently, are garments are made using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. We found GOTS certified organic cotton to be the highest cotton processing standard promoting ecological and social criteria certified by independent third-parties.  

Along with the benefits of using GOTS certified organic cotton, we are taking the following steps to further build an ethical and sustainable brand.

For the People

Only working with farms and factories that treat their workers with respect, provide safe working conditions, pay living wages, and don’t use forced or child labor

Ensuring farmers are not exposed to harsh and toxic chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides

Reducing the exposure of factory workers to heavy-metal based dyes


For the Planet

Ensuring toxic chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides are not used in growing the cotton eliminates run-off into local water systems,

Preserving and promoting the health of local bio-diversity with crop rotation, eliminating pesticides and promoting soil health

Promoting better soil health which promotes a decrease in water usage and an increase in carbon sequestering

Reducing the use of blue water and promoting the better use of rain water

Significantly reducing the reliance on petroleum-based materials by not making any garments out of polyester, nylon, or recycled polyester, not blending our cotton with polyester or spandex

Reducing the use of plastics where possible, no spandex in the neck rib of the tee shirts or the collars of the polos

Eliminating the use of heavy-metal based dyes by using low impact, azo-free dyes

Greatly reducing micro-plastics from being released into our oceans and waterways

Using packaging that is plant-derived and compostable

Returning the clothes back to nature with our composting program, reducing landfill waste and the burning of clothes

 Eliminating the use of unnecessary labels and tags on our clothing

Off-setting all the carbon our supply chain and an a little more, we are also planting three trees for each garment purchased*

At the end of each year, offsetting the carbon of all our home base operations


We truly hope you will join us on this journey as we create a brand that is truthful, transparent, ethical and sustainable.

*We are working with Green Story to calculate and offset our carbon footprint. We will be tracking all purchases and once the program is ready to roll out, we’ll send you an email letting you know positive impact your purchase made.